Thinking about being a Friend? Great!

There are lots of resources available for new Friends and, with any luck, more to come. You can check out our Forum for other Friends’ experience and our Blog for more official information, just like this post.

This post is going to be a simple one: we’ll cover the Fees we collect from transactions. At the moment, the only fee we collect is from the Friend’s total charge, in order to provide clear pricing for Clients. In the future, we could add other fees such as flat fees, Client fees, and others that will be described here in detail if they’re implemented.

AtlasTalked Service Fees:

  • 20% of Friend Fee

Our service fee is visible to Friends prior to accepting a new transaction.

This will always be the most up-to-date source of AtlasTalked Service Fees, alluded to in our Terms of Use.

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